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Sikandar Khan Lodi, Sher Khan Lodi, Ibrahim Khan Lodi with
50,000 cavalry; and the Padusah of Grolkonda sent Abdtilla
Khan,   Farld   Beg,   Bawa   Saheb......   with   50,000 cavalry.
With this lakh of troops they occupied the Karnutaia
beginning from Sakepalli (Sarvepalli ?) in Nellore in ' the
north, camping in Kancipuram, VelSr and other places,
and offering battle and gaining victories against the
Nayak rulers of Veiur, Arani and so on. Everything
north of Settuppattu was annexed to the dominions of the
Padusah of Hyderabad as his troops had overrun these lands
and as such was the understanding between the two Padusats.
Abdulla Khan, the fauzdar of this province, lived in Velur.
There was another fauzdar at Kancipuram. The amal in the
land was held by Farid Beg Bawa Saheb who hid the kUted&ri
(command of the forts) of Settuppatfcu and Cengalp&ttu and
other forts. Through Akkanna and Madavanna, the dittSns of
the Padusah of Hyderabad, Podali Lingauna, became amald&r
of Kancipuram. All this was settled there. The army of the
Bijapar Padusah with Mir Kamruddin Khan Kawab aiid others
invaded Glnjee. Appa Nayakat the Raja of Ginjee, kept Ms
courage and ordered his pradhanis to take all the protective
steps necessary to oppose the enemy and drive him away; he
himself spent his time in the harem. The pradh&nis posted all
the princes, servants and soldiers in their respective posts on
the walls, gates and redoubts of the fort, had the requisite
ammunition carried to the proximity of the cannon, great aad
small, posted the artillery men and sardZrs needed, and kept
careful watch night and day. Meanwhile, Kamraddla EhStt
and others encamped on the Kalavay mound at a distance of
two naligais to the east of Grinjee, surrounded the fort with
their troops, and fought for four months, while the besieged aUc
made sallies from time to time against the enemy. But a& the
Padugah's forces had larger numbers, and as the Raja's eild wai
near, the army of the Padulah closed upon the ditch round h<
fort and approached the big Tiijdivanaia gate ; then the c*ati6J
on the fort and those on &e walls, tike large bakeries am
all fired simttltatieotwiy. Tb*